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art on the hill craft show, portland, maine

This was my first time attending this fine craft show and  wow…i was flabbergasted, in a good way.

Upon entering, I came to Emi Ito’s weavings

craft show handwoven scarf
emi ito’s fine handwoven scarves

and next to her was Laura Pierce of Iris Designs who made sea glass jewelry and buttons. Both were wonderful, well crafted and unique.

This is not your ordinary craft show. the quality was simply wonderful. Much care must have been taken jurying the show as it wasn’t overloaded with jewelry and 90% of the jewelry that was there was fine and quite original.

Each of the textile artists work blew me away. wood fire farm had knit work and woven scarves, as well. I had a lump in my throat looking at the scarves–they were THAT gorgeous!

Then there was a booth with boiled wool garments and scarves…Hard Boiled
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Stained Glass expedition to the Morse Museum

Yesterday I was treated to an evening exploring the jaw dropping stained glass art of Louis Comfort Tiffany at the Morse Museum in Winter Park, Florida.

Although I had previously visited this incredible museum a number of times, this most recent visit was especially mind blowing. Perhaps it was the choice of pieces on display, my frame of mind , or the point of development in my own work that made this excursion so intense.

Each piece was carefully scrutinized paying special attention to choice of glass, color and technique. The colors on most of the stained glass pieces were so rich in tone one could get lost in the depth of each window. The effects of plating many layers of glass gave the work a realism not found in  many glass artists today. I found one piece particularly interesting with painted roses plated with a transparent glass over the painted pieces. Some of the stained glass panels had 3 layers of glass and from the side looked like a landscape with deep valleys and flat plateaus. I also looked long and hard at the finely crafted reinforcement on the backside of pieces. Because of the multiple plating these windows are seriously reinforced. I noticed one squash panel with vertical plating from top to bottom every twelve inches. And on the larger windows there were the re-rod reinforcement in the front of the piece, as well.

Then we walked into the room housing the daffodil columns. Heavy sigh!  Cast glass flowers, set in cement atop long white columns. These are magnificent. I could envision them in peonies, poppies, roses, zinnias….

Tiffany stained glass

There were 2 points of interest that I was not aware of before my visit this year.

One.  Tiffany Studios did produce some very small single image butterflies and insects in stained glass. I would even venture to say they are rather “sun-catcher-y”. I may have to re-think my aversion to the sun catcher. but-maybe not.

and Two. women produced the majority of the Tiffany lamps. 40-50 women were employed in the Tiffany studios with Clara Driscoll supervising. Ta-DAH!!! In fact, Clara Driscoll designed the dragonfly lampshade which is one of the most popular shades in the Tiffany collection.

Tiffany stained glass lamps

Tiffany stained glass lamp




new art/craft gallery representation for fused glass

new art/craft gallery representation for fused glass

driving through quaint downtown cornish, maine, i noticed a new art and craft gallery named full circle gallery. screech! parked the truck and went in to peruse their offerings.

fused glass

wow! wonderful quality, interesting well made items beautifully displayed. definitely a place where  i wanted my work . shannon, the owner, is friendly, efficient and happily accepted my fused glass jewelry and new “green” fused glass bowls. they are created with old storm windows and native botanicals…(and i can’t keep them in stock!) yay.

always astounded at what we waste, i began finding ways to create with post consumer glass. it’s now been quite a few years since the onset of this avenue and there is still so much to discover, but the fern and lupine fused glass bowls are a perennial -pun intended-favorite.

full circle gallery is worth a trip- visit their website here