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Awards have been heaped upon Cheryl Kumiski, stained glass artist. You find her work in private and corporate collections throughout the United States. As a departure from large scale installations, she creates fused glass jewelry.

Cheryl Kumiski

More about Cheryl and her work…

excerpt from:
Speaking to the EYE – Brentwood Artist’s Images Transcend the Planes of Stained Glass” 
by Deanna Dawson, Seacoast Newspapers – November 16, 2001

“… Light is everywhere, pouring through the windows, illuminating the stained glass panels hanging there and bringing life to the faces, flowers, animals and shapes born of the hands of their creator Cheryl Kumiski. The panels and designs, especially the faces, show expression, dignity and character that transcend the medium of glass…

cheryl kumiski

“… For nearly 25 years, Kumiski has been a glass tamer, though her passion to create is something she says has always been inside of her….

“… A few years ago she turned to making glass jewelry so that she would have something to sell at the shows, again tackling an unusual facet of working in glass. She describes the process of creating these almost three-dimensional pieces as melting multi stages of compatible glass together. As with her panel work, she was critical of her first attempts, calling them horrible blobs.

“‘The difference in my jewelry then and now is astounding to me,’ she says.”

excerpt from:
“To the Abstract and Back – Artist Shows Life in Stained Glass”
by D. Quincy Whitney, Boston Sunday Globe – September 5, 1999

“The image is both abstract and realistic. The inflexible material of glass reflects the soft, curving lines of the human face. Both these paradoxes describe the stained glass portraits of Brentwood artist Cheryl Kumiski.

“Kumiski’s consummate skill and artistic eye involve seeing things in both abstract and detailed forms, looking at something so closely that it becomes a series of abstract shapes that then mysteriously form the details of a cheek, a nose, eyes and hands. The hills and vallleys between Kumiski’s lead lines build a kind of landscape to the face that makes her portraits unforgettable….”

Cheryl Kumiski Glass Studio- “Artistry in Stained Glass”