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Cheryl Kumiski Stained Glass Studio

cheryl kumiski

Your Custom Stained Glass Window

Cheryl Kumiski Glass Studio offers custom, hand made stained glass panels and stained glass windows in original, award-winning designs. Cheryl Kumiski Glass Studio is committed to offering exquisite, personalized creations in stained glass. Our stained glass studio has over 30 years of experience in satisfying our customers with the highest quality creative stained glass windows.

A custom stained glass window, or stained glass panel, adds an artistic, personal touch to your home or office. Stained glass windows enhance the beauty and value of your property. When you hide an undesirable view with a custom stained glass window, you change it into a visual scene of color and beauty. Stained glass windows admit dazzling colored light into a room, and provide both atmosphere and privacy.

We can design custom stained glass artwork from an idea, a photograph, or a picture. Be personally involved in choosing the types of glass, color, texture, and design. Your custom stained glass panel or custom stained glass window reflects your excellent taste, your passions in life.

We also do portraits of both people and pets in stained glass.

Your custom stained glass window can be made to any size, for permanent installation or to hang in a window casing. Stained glass panels can be used as sidelights, skylights, cabinets, doors, or window treatments.

All stained glass commissions are designed and built by Cheryl Kumiski. Price is determined by the detail, panel size and type of glass used.

Cheryl also makes exquisite fused dichroic glass jewelry and buttons. Be sure to check the gallery pages for these items as well.

Visit our portfolio pages, or call or email us today to discuss your ideas for your custom stained glass window or panel, or personalized, custom glass jewelry. We look forward to speaking with you!

Cheryl Kumiski Glass Studio- “Artistry in Stained Glass”